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  • Greg guided us along, avoiding the potential pitfalls of buying a new home in Amherst. He was extremely professional, prompt, accessible, and knowledgable. He was totally unfazed by the unexpected twists and turns that came along the way. I would certainly recommend Greg to anyone looking to buy a home in the Pioneer Valley.

    Leslie D
  • Greg’s extremely professional but he’s also easy to get a hold of at a moment’s notice, a great combination. He knows his stuff and he knows the area. He made buying a house a pleasure. I plan on working with him again on any future real estate transactions.

    Otis W
  • Perhaps the most responsive, knowledgable and thorough real-estate professional I have ever dealt with. Every request was promptly attended-to. There was no detail too small to be resolved with speed and integrity. All interactions were incredibly smooth, friendly and completed with total integrity, honesty and good-will. A true gentleman and a professional’s professional.

    Bill S
  • Working with Greg was a pleasure. If buying a new home was this easy every time, we should all go through the process 2-3 times a year. Absolutely painless. When it comes time to sell our rental property, I will call Greg first. Thank you for a smooth transaction.

    Neal S
  • I am very pleased with our experience with Greg. He was fast, efficient, punctual, knowledgeable and skilled in his handling of our purchase. When we had questions and ideas about how to proceed, he offered excellent advice obviously based on years of experience and personal knowledge. He also went with what we wished without trying to impose his point of view. We had a speedy and very satisfactory outcome. Greg is also an interesting and personable young man; it is a pleasure to know him.

    Ziporah H
  • Greg was calm, kind, professional and respectful throughout the entire process of buying our home in Montague, MA. He was easily reachable and kept excellent track of all that needed to happen to make the home a reality. We would strongly recommend him.

    Doran R

The Quarters




The Quarters features a collection of over 20 classic arcade and pinball machines 


The Quarters’ food menu offers a range of contemporary and nostalgic options at affordable prices


House-made lemonades and craft cocktails featuring garden-fresh herbs are available alongside a draft selection that includes both craft and macro beers 

  • It’s hard not to love just the idea of this place. An arcade filled with the games of your childhood. (depending on your age) Some of these games I hadn’t played since I was 5 years old. Games: Excellent. Old school, nostalgia overload. Food: Haven’t tried everything on the menu yet. The kimchi hotdogs and the banh mi hotdogs were absolutely delicious. Drinks: One of the few places to have ginger libation on tap. Try it. Lot of other local brews too. Maine root fountain sodas. Service: Everyone is so friendly. It’s just a really fun place.

    Yelp User Ben S
  • Vintage video games, ginger libation on tap, 2 dollar banh mi… there’s not much more that’s necessary in life. They have pinball, centipede, rampage, galaga, joust and all the great classic games. The food is street food vegetarian. They have veggie dogs and banh mi. I’ll definitely be back.

    Yelp User Lauren C
  • I like everything about The Quarters– the games are (obviously) excellent, the beer selection’s thoughtful, and they served the best bar snacks I’ve had in a long time– the tonkatsu fries (fries with sliced fried chicken, tonkatsu sauce, and shredded cabbage) were unbelieveably delicious.

    Yelp User Jennifer B
  • I’ve had everything on the menu now and it’s always delicious (and so cheap)! Can go by myself and not feel weird being alone because I’m surround by games just waiting to be played. The atmosphere is spot and makes me want to stay for hours!

    Yelp User Rachel L
  • I love this place. Brought my girlfriend here for our anniversary we had a great time. Food was well priced and tasty. I love the arcade and pinball machines Ive been looking for a place like this for years. I will definitely go again.

    Yelp User Chase G
  • Fantastic bar. All drinks between $5 and $8, arcade games mean you can’t get bored no matter who you come here with. Absolutely one of my favorite places in the area, great fun with friends or alone.

    Yelp User Z H


(413) 687-7128